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Treating Mind and Body 

As a licensed clinical psychologist, additionally board certified in biofeedback, I provide a whole-body approach to emotional wellness.


We can assess for, and repair, imbalances that may be present in your neurological, cardiac, respiratory, and adrenal systems.


Uncovering and addressing the root cause of your symptoms restores balance in your body and gives you the insights necessary to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. 


Treatment is painless, non-invasive, and complements both traditional and naturopathic treatment plans.


Treatment Areas


Receiving a difficult prognosis is only the beginning of a long journey. 


Creating balance in the mind promotes confidence in the classroom. 


When your life constricts around chronic problems, relationships suffer too. 

Stress can amplify the symptoms of your conditions, and even create new concerns. 


Strengthen your mind as well as your body so you can perform your best, every time. 


Complex conditions require thorough assessment and collaborative care. 


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Melanie R. O'Neill, PsyD, BCB


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